a beast of your own creation

By Dhwanee Goyal

my sister she crafted me from the mud of melting bulbs,

founded me on the curve of Gaea’s hip; i, sickly fledge

swam past as her mouth bubbled sympathy, as she 


crushed motive beneath her feet. i am of the slated people, 

lolled between finery like a frantic beholding; lone, even 

as the forest chuckles. i have bottled pittance in a void,


seen it as they do, yet known only white. my sister, she

says that

                                                                                      i am a handlocked four, numbering


                                                                                      lest they come to fruition. i am a rolled-up

                                                                                      sleeve, disjointed like when we begged for


                                                                                     our father. our mother; like when our veins

                                                                                     served the needles, like when it stung. i am

                                                                                     prickly, hemorrhaged since birth; a guised 


                                                                                     child. Ares once cupped my cheek,


                                                                                     a feathered welcome into my palm,


                                                                                    me. we met where we dissolved, together;


this is what he taught me-- call me obsolete, and i shall 

prevail still, i shall feed as the rain pelts on, as the 

concerto is frenzied, as deadness rules. i am of shuttered 


vision, of plain sight-- summoned by a dawned cry, a folly

of the mind. i am darkness, yet it is what i devour. i am 

pulled apart, yet not separate; desperation, you. it is i who


weeps at my own feet.

Dhwanee Goyal is a fifteen-year-old student from Maharashtra, India. Pretty buildings make her heart beat fast, and she likes puns, double-sided blankets sentences that trail off and…