A Cinematic Ode to a Friend (or Together in the Dark)

By Alfio Leotta

I want to know all your favourite movies, friend

Please tell me, I want to watch them all

The Philadelphia Story, Blow Up and L’Avventura

Gaslight, Notorious and American Honey

No, I don’t know that one, but I will check it out

I want to feel the sparkling warmth of the wave

Which sweeps across the lagoon of your memories

A dog, a plant, Jimmy Stewart leaning over a windowsill

Michel and Patricia running towards the edge of tomorrow

Along the dimly lit streets of Paris, Texas

Play it again, Sam, because if I all I can do is watch, I will

Hoping to discover the truth in the shuddering clouds

Which linger over the dark mass of the Embassy at dusk

A quiet reminder of the last time I saw the glowing screen

Touching your face, a pallid rosebud doused in moonlight

I miss you, my friend, and I’m hoping to find in those flickering lights

The key to the silent box within which, that day, we sat side by side

And for a moment, we escaped the prison of our solitudes

Together in the dark.

Alfio Leotta is a writer, film scholar and media practitioner who lives and works in