We are an online, Aotearoa-based literary magazine with Manawatū roots (!) we begin with words from and out of Te Papa-i-Oea (drab + wet, grey + green)

The Manawatū River has periodically been one of the most polluted in the southern hemisphere, but we're still here swimming through it. we wish to showcase parts of the turbulent literary ecosystem in palmy and Aotearoa, & sometimes using that twisted suburban water source as a frame for international submissions when it feels right. We publish
personal essays, short prose, poetry, interviews, and reviews for film, music, and television.

We appreciate the potential for language to bring forth a sense of unbounded meaning in the quotidian, and for that reason we're fully fixated on your day-to-day. we want you to show us where the spectacle of the society sprung forth, in like... Bunnythorpe. We have no set 'theme' or genre per se-- we want to be surprised and to surprise our readers.

Please see our submissions page if you have an idea to pitch, a query, or writing that is ready to go. We can't wait to hear from you !

Edited and designed with luv from the Manawatū, from Theressa Malone x