By Pippi Jean

i want it from the bottom of my throat

calling outcrying i want run ragged daily shadows on the wall

bleary tangle of my hair through headphones midnight i want it messily

i want it listening to me i want it teaching thudded tempos into my back hard enough

to take the breath from me i want tipping backward face to ceiling raging forgiving

photographs slipping through hands out of frames i want it bright and terrifying

i want its darkly quiet like a step misstepped i want it suspended its mid-fall

city of the wilding houses steeping ways windows battered half opening half yielding

already i want it already

i want it singing i want it sung to me i want

and with all that newness i write it here

to yell it out of me


By Maia Armistead

I have been missing you in my city.

I have been left wanting

To tell you everything. I have been


                             And waiting softly

Like a question, almost hitched

On the back of this river moving.

Lately I have been

Half a dream closer, I have been

All tomorrows.


I have been thinking of the gold

And the rush. I have been

Like a movement in the marshes,


           The city of wilding houses,

Wild horses, like my city is a

Constant reminder of you.


When I open my mouth to speak

My words are like days,

                         Becoming smaller

And smaller until not at all.

Maia Armistead is a first year law student at Victoria University. She has been published in Mayhem, Oscen, and Milly, and was a finalist in the 2019 National Schools Poetry Competition.

Pippi Jean is a first year student at Victoria University with works published in Landfall, Takahe, Oscen, Mayhem and was a finalist in the National Schools Poetry Award 2019. She thinks birds are cool and sometimes writes poetry about waterslides.

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