By H. Mark Webster

H. Mark Webster's previous publishing credits include work in Anastamoo, Poems Niederngasse, elimae, printout, Blackmail Press, and otoliths. He currently lectures in cultural studies and literature at IPU NZ in Palmerston North.

The car is equipped with fog lights.

The kitchen is equipped with a fan.

There is nothing of importance happening,


Where the placenta of our nation is buried,

Alas, Sir. I wonder, Sir,

Would you like to have another little drink?

Is it far? Is it far ahead?

In spite of the fact that he was not built like a brick shithouse

I harassed and bullied him all the way to the park.

Stuart Ryde. Age 10.

Bilen är försedd med dimljus.

Köket är försett med fläkt.

Have you been drinking, Long Hair?

And some believed the things which were spoken,

And some believed not.

Your impulses will no longer be tolerated,

Said the infant in his cradle;

No murder, nor mayhem, until the hush.