By Khadro Mohamed

a hillock of grated nutmeg


                                                       a generous sprinkle of turmeric powder


two fstful of cardamom seeds,


                  crushed in between limestone


                                                                                  carefully disassembled hibiscus leaves


                 clumps of African nightshade

stir till sunset gold


                                                         add shards of okra


ripe avocado 


                                     the white under skin of an oversized orange

                                                                                        warm apple juice 


                        three black-eyed peas, 


greek salad 

              a generous dollop of mint green ice-cream

foamy goat milk and honey suckles


                                                     serve with stories of that Black ballet dancer


who spun in circles, back in ‘89

                         with long dreads and too many flavours in her mouth

            who walked with gracefulness


                                                                      whispering ‘did you hear? im a ghost’


Khadro is a 20-something year old writer & photo enthusiast. currently residing on the shores of Poneke