we are now accepting all essays, short fiction, poetry, and reviews for literature, television, music, film, etc...

we are seeking submissions from original voices: writers who probe and unearth parts of daily life that usually go ignored. you might zoom in on the types of people who wander along the manawatū bridle track at 2pm, or discuss a television show or book... what eva, send it in.


our focus on personal essays is in line with this 'probing' mechanism, but it is also, quite simply, the editor's obsession. reviews of modern television, film, and art can also quite aptly convey this same type of 'searching' we are looking at portraying in Milly. send it in


& poetry and prose, sometimes the most mystifying, will always have its special place in our hearts. we need it to complete the full picture.

please submit all entries (just per category) as PDF file to

each submission must include your name, CATEGORY, and 'submission' in the subject line (for example, 'theressa malone ESSAY and POETRY submission') as well as a short 1-3 sentence bio about the author.

*We do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere, and ask that works are not simultaneously being sent to other publications*


cheers x