For Morenike

By Odeyemi Idowu

I saw you like one sees

the sun – without looking;

You glow on everything

As you walk towards me

like a Sunbeam on a silent river.

The first time our bodies touch,

I felt my blood cuddling

beneath my skin

as the hair on my dark skin stands

Like the Spartan army

Marching to war.

The light your presence put in my heart

tells me about God’s fears.

While creating one of us,

He must have been afraid

of putting much magic in one soul:

reason he must have split our body

into two to carry the same soul.

For your light tells me

we are one soul

in different bodies.

Odeyemi Idowu is a Nigerian poet and essayist. His poem Love Only Kills A Poor Boy won the Liverpool based Merak Magazine 2019 annual literary recognition Awards for Best Poem of the Year. He was shortlisted for the 2018 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize and the Christopher Okigbo Poetry prize.