The Biggest Thing in the World

Pt. 3 in a series By Reuben Scott

I can see it through my bedroom window, 

The Biggest Thing in the World,

so small in the distance,

called ‘astronomical’ on Earth.


Once in a while you say, 

whilst glancing at the enormity,

‘Should we go see it, one day? 

This towering thing everyone calls great.’


I nod and hum a solemn yes,

but alone, I wonder:

what is the point of visiting 

The Biggest Thing in the World

if that is what I expect to see?


Because so easily, I can imagine bigger things:

     A tower that reaches half-way to the moon,

     A mountain that sits like a hat on the Earth. 

     One day, there might be a dome over New York, 

     and half of the world is employed to clean it, 

     and one day, new continents might rise from the sea,

     with armies bearing cannons that shoot whales, 

     and use planes that we have lost as swords.


I can see things far bigger

than has ever existed.

So, if I visit this big thing, 

I know I will be disappointed,

because I will not be looking up 

at The Biggest Thing in the World,

but my mind will be somewhere above

looking down on it. 

Reuben Scott is a 22 year old musician and English Honours student at the

University of Otago. His writing for Dunedin punk four-piece Three Quarter Marathon has

landed two of the band’s songs, Caught and Wonderment, in Radio One’s top eleven chart for

more than seven weeks consecutively.