The Quality of Easing

By Gregory Dally

Slouching, a god's favourite ghost,

you like it here. Nestled on the contours

of the Mataura's edge,

you form a curl and relax into the easterly.

It suits you to take some time out

in migrant dunes. They're always shifting,

like you, communal fragment.

Is it afternoon yet? How could you know?

A hedonist is lit up by her inclination

to cut loose from any cliches rich in birdsong.

In the heather, it's a cinch

to move increments of snowdrift

and trace creatures all around your head.

You'll line a myth.

As you trial this glen, the leaves make up

a Babylon for one instant. The moment

seems to dilate in your head until it defines

a kind of forever. Your smile will keep.

It may endure as an add-on to your features.

You'll archive it in a heap of gestures–

customs to make a rested soul

at one with cumuli gathering.

Gregory Dally has had poetry, fiction and other material published in various journals.