i was a lot in one country

By Isaac Daramola

a sermon for the country

i was a lot in one country. because my mother told me that snithing an earthworm would only result to two novel earthworms, i tried to be so many in this one body. all i did was become the earthworm in her story, true or not, compacting so many selves in my lengthy strand of brown

i've always wanted to tell the preacher man that anytime he instructs that we bow our heads to pray, i can only fight back throwing up. i try. i try. i try so hard to cry dead gods to existence, but my nerves get twitchy, and that's when breakfast can't sit it out anymore

Isaac O. Daramola (he/him) is a poet, writer, and a Biomedical Science student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He’s currently working on his debut crime/thriller novel and a poetry collection. His work has appeared in journals such as 'Cephalopress,' ‘Mineral literary magazine,’ ‘What are birds,' 'Pangolin review', the University Editorial board, and forthcoming in 'Thorn magazine'.